One thought on “Care About Internet Stocks?”

  1. 1. Hurray
    Issue Date: 2/4/05
    Issue Price: $10.25
    Price Change: -12.3%
    Comment: Chinese provider of WAP content to mobile phones.

    2. Gravity
    Issue Date: 2/8/05
    Issue Price: $13.50
    Price Change: -46.7%
    Comment: Japanese operator of MMORPG games. Run by the son of Softbank’s founder.

    3. Odimo
    Issue Date: 2/15/05
    Issue Price: $9.00
    Price Change: -85.0%
    Comment: Online jewelry and diamond retailer. 3rd worst performing stock of 2005.

    4. Fastclick
    Issue Date: 4/1/05
    Issue Price: $12.00
    Price Change: -15.8%
    Comment: Pay-per-click advertising services firm acquired just 6 months after going public.

    5. Party Gaming
    Issue Date: 6/2/05
    Issue Price: 116p
    Price Change: 15.5%
    Comment: Operator of largest online poker site. $500M+ in cashflow/year.

    thanks for the link to burnhams top 10 list of IPOs. to be amazed how many percent of the market goes to the gaming industrie 😮

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