Welcome to the Desktop, Intruder

With its desktop search, Google integrates your desktop info into Google's interface, but of course your data isn't really *on the Internet*. Or….is it?…

With its desktop search, Google integrates your desktop info into Google’s interface, but of course your data isn’t really *on the Internet*. Or….is it?

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Desktop, Intruder”

  1. This is actually a bug in IE and can be used to exploit much more than just Google Desktop. GDS was just used as an example and everyone seems to think that this is a bug in Google’s software.

  2. I love Google and i don’t have anything against Microsoft. But, in this case, I consider the MSN Desktop Search much better than the Google Desktop Search.

    It gives me more refined results and, in my opinion, is prettier.

  3. Regaurdless of whether or not it is private/safe or secure, ‘Google Desktop’ has done a terrible PR job. Why should I trust this insipid crawler? The payoff isn’t nearly high enough, the utility replaceable, and the sense of potential intrusion is undeniable.

  4. @ carlos … i think too like you. i think in the future we will read many about this msn and google´s desktop search. i hope the spidered personally datas are safe :rolleyes:

  5. Desktop tools ultimately have to become ubiquitous and so useful you don’t notice them any more. I find the Google Toolbar indispensable despite having several others available. Our site has just offered what we hope is going to be a very cool alternative which will give us vital space on the desktop. The downloadable search tool, from blinkx, on Times Online http://www.timesonline.co.uk , gives access to our news, competitors, a full web search, fantastic web video search, blogs and health. The advanced version has the blinkx PC search which I find I am increasingly using to find those hard-to-track Outlook items and documents. I remain extremely cautious however about loading personal financial details into Google Desktop or anything else.

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