One thought on “Too Little Inventory at Portals”

  1. As I stated at the AdTech conference last week, I see a inflationary rise in paid search marketing over the next 2 years if/when the Fortune 100 figures out the value of search. As we know, currently only about 15% of Fortune 100 folks play ppc search. Once they also get in the game, do you not think it make a substantial impact on the cost for ppc, just as this article mentions for impression ads? We certainly see it today with highly competitive terms that are completely out of reach for the SMB market. Will the inclusion of the big boys not have the same impact for many other markets?

    It will be interesting to see how the engines deal with this issue. Develop new inventory? Segment inventory? By geo/time? How will personalization play into the inventory issue? Will the major marketers be able to lock out all markets? We are certainly still on the leading edge of how this all will play out.

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