One thought on “Groxis, Yahoo Team Up”

  1. One hair shy of brilliant! Earlier today I was looking for search results related to Fock space (a LIE algebra employed in physics). Google produced a few worthy results, but my query really emphasized the need for what I like to call ‘Smart Search’. I have been praying for a search service that would group search results according to categories of which they are part. Now my prayers have been answered. I will probably never use Google again. I would much rather wait for a second or two to receive smart search result than wasting more time shifting through a pile of dumb search results. I truly think that this is a brilliant idea and implementation. One wish–please attach a list of search results to the larger categories so one does not have to click down to the cellular level. Good work Grokkers!
    PS. Talk about “long tail”. This really addresses the need for more complicated search results for queries that live in the tail of the search distribution. I can’t wait to see all this play out.

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