Happy Day: Desktop Search for Mac

Blinkx announced today that it is launching a version of its popular desktop search tool for the Mac (it will be ready Monday). I can't wait to try it. Release in extended entry….

Blinkx announced today that it is launching a version of its popular desktop search tool for the Mac (it will be ready Monday). I can’t wait to try it. Release in extended entry.

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blinkx 2.0 with Smart Folders and Implicit Query  Now Available for Mac OS Machines


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – January 10 2005 – blinkx, the smartest thing on your computer, today announced the availability of blinkx 2.0 for the Macintosh Operating System, featuringthe world’s first Smart Folders, and delivering next generation search technology to the Mac OS for the first time.  blinkx, a free download at www.blinkx.com, has already changed the way over 1 million Windows users interact with information, and can now do the same for Mac users. 

In response to an overwhelming consumer demand, blinkx today became the first to deliver both implicit query and Smart Folders for the Mac environment.  Smart Folders are intelligent folders that automatically update their content as new information becomes available, based on the ideas contained within the content of those files.  blinkx offers a comprehensive solution that enables Mac users to index their hard drive, and search across the Web and their desktop simultaneously. 


Using implicit query, blinkx brings information directly and proactively to Mac users, without requiring them to enter any keyword searches.  blinkx assesses all the information that the user is actively viewing, and automatically recommends and retrieves relevant content, including PDFs, Zips, MP3s and Jpegs from local and Web searches, based on context.  For example, blinkx can infer from the content on the user’s screen whether to retrieve information on Apollo the space program, the Greek god, or the theater in London.  This release also features Preview Thumbnails, which provide users with screenshots of the suggested links for improved navigation and ease of use.    blinkx 2.0 supports many Mac-specific applications including the Safari browser, Quark, Entourage and QuickTime.


“Major players in this industry have long discussed Smart Folders as one of the most anticipated innovations, and one that will shape the future of search technology. .  At blinkx we’re proud to be the first to bring Smart Folders to consumers, and we continue to deliver  innovative ways to improve the way users interact with information – the Smart Folders capability is  just one example of the industry firsts which blinkx has achieved,”.  said blinkx CEO, Mark Opzoomer.  “Leading industry commentators have called blinkx a maverick for stealing competitors’ thunder and beating all the majors, but in practice, we’re just continuing to deliver the vision and next generation technology our users have come to expect.  After extensive research and development, we’re pleased to be able to extend blinkx to Mac users.”   


Smart Folders

Smart Folders, based on implicit query, are persistent intelligent folders that automatically update their content as new information becomes available, and allows information to be automatically suggested to you, based on the context (not the keywords) contained within the document.  Smart Folders can be created implicitly by simply dropping a document into a folder and then the Smart Folder will be automatically populated with similar documents from your Mac, news articles from the Web, TV, radio or video clips. Alternatively, you can explicitly create a folder by typing in a keyword, phrase or clicking on the document you are currently reading or writing to create a Smart Folder.


How To blinkx

blinkx thinks while it links.  Because blinkx is not constrained by the limits of keyword-based technologies, it is able to extract the main ideas contained within any document and thus derive its meaning. blinkx uses patented Context Clustering Technology (CCT) to overcome the shortcomings of keyword technologies and to truly understand the ideas and context behind the words.  blinkx applies its unique CCT ability to make the search experience faster, more accurate and more relevant. Approaches to searching through information using simple keyword query mechanisms fail because they do not provide enough context. In such cases users are overwhelmed by hundreds or thousands of results, all of which match the query, but many that represent the different contexts within which the query term or terms can appear. blinkx CCT is unique because it helps a user provide the context that is crucial to for searching or organizing data – it does not second-guess a user’s needs, but seamlessly provides the automated guidance required to enrich the overall experience.


About blinkx


blinkx, the smartest thing on your computer, is changing the way that people think about search technology.  Free-to-download, blinkx automatically and intelligently links to relevant information anywhere and in any format: on the Web or on the desktop.  With blinkx, users are no longer limited to Boolean keyword search.  Instead, blinkx automatically and implicitly conducts searches, based on the content being viewed by each individual user.  blinkx is a privately held firm based in San Francisco and London.  More information is available at www.blinkx.com <http://www.blinkx.com>.

5 thoughts on “Happy Day: Desktop Search for Mac”

  1. Hasn’t this existed for a very long time already? Quicksilver is very far along in development and integrates all aspects of the OS. Seems like a much better candidate.

  2. Quicksilver does something entirely different.

    Quicksilver is an alternate method for accessing information / functions through your keyboard. It’s done by allowing the user to systematically browswe through a known set of data (e.g., Address Book > k… [leading to Kate])

    Blinkx is more like Tiger’s Spotlight feature. This is a great thing for the mac community.

  3. Not sure how this is valuable with Spotlight coming out so soon.

    I know that QS hopes to integrate with spotlight, and I’m excited for that. Blinkx’s performance on pc has sort of underwhelmed me, but I am always happy to see more developers on Mac.

  4. It appears blinkz no longer hosts this product. From blinkz website: “blinkx is currently not available for Macintosh, but due to your requests, we’re working on it!”

    While working on this binary they should send their webmaster and PR writer to UI and grammar school, respectively.

  5. John, you haven’t commented on the news that SixApart is buying LiveJournal that is all over the blogosphere today. IMHO, it’s more interesting news than blinkx launching a Mac version of its desktop search software that isn’t even out until next week, but that’s just me.

    I figured you would be all over the LiveJournal story like a new puppy in a dirty clothing laundry hamper, given your aptitude and love of the blogging/personal Web publishing phenomenon. So, I’m a bit surprised.

    Actually, I figured LiveJournal was an acquisition target as it fits more as part of a larger portal-like company with multiple service offerings as opposed to a standalone company with an independent business model. However, I placed my bet on Open Source Technology Group buying it to fit in with its Slashdot, NewsForge, and IT Manager’s Journal network of publishing Web sites. It fit well with them, given their wholehearted support of open-source software (which LiveJournal is).

    A bit surprising SixApart wanted it, given the two disparate publishing platforms. But, after reading a bunch of things and absorbing it all, I can see a purpose for it. Ultimately though, I see SixApart being acquired itself — possibly by Yahoo!, which desperately needs to get into the blogging world, not to stay ahead of the curve but to keep it from falling completely off the track. Some are speculating SixApart is IPO material, or, at the very least, considering one. I don’t think so — I see a buyout of SixApart as more likely in store for the 70 person company founded by husband-and-wife team Ben and Mena Trott.

    I’d surely be interested in hearing your thoughts.

    Doug Mehus

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