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The Call of the Filed

By - February 03, 2011


I’ve noticed that the number of folks who are networking with me via LinkeIn has really increased lately. Anyone else noticed this? Might it be related to the publicity around LinkedIn’s recent IPO filing?

The company today announced “Skills” – a way to find people with certain skillsets. It’s been on a tear recently in terms of new features – Swarms, a visualization of search terms, InMaps, a visualization of your network, OpenGroups, a new groups feature, and Signal, more sophisticated search in general. I’m sure I’ve missed something.

Meanwhile, I’ve also noticed an increase in social graph communications coming at me via Linked In – responses to Tweets, for example (I’ve connected my Twitter account to Linked In). Makes me wonder, perhaps in the future, might LinkedIn pivot, and add a consumer-driven side to the business? Stranger things have happened…

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2 thoughts on “The Call of the Filed

  1. Nick Hughes says:

    I was one of them today! Imagine my surprise when I invited you to connect with me on LinkedIn and then a few hours later I pull up this post and only to read “I’ve noticed that the number of folks who are networking with me via LinkedIn has really increased lately.”

    Not sure if I was the straw that broke, but hope all is well. And yes, I have noticed much more LinkedIn activity lately as well.

  2. It’s good to see that LinkedIn is finally starting to get the attention that it deserves. While everyone seems so concerned with Facebook and Twitter, in some cases LinkedIn might be the best social networking site to be involved with. If a LinkedIn strategy is implemented correctly you can gain valuable business leads.