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Google, The Anti-Trust Case

By - March 03, 2009

A considered guest post on TC has kicked up a conversation around whether Google is a monopolist, and whether the DOJ will take action. This of course is one thing that must keep top folks at Google awake at night – it’s OK to be a monopoly, it’s not OK to leverage that monopoly to the detriment of the ecosystem you control.

There is clearly and argument to be made that Google already has a monopoly, the author makes that case and concludes:

I believe the Department of Justice will be able to establish monopoly power and the abuse of that power.

As covered earlier, at least one established prior monopolist has strong opinions on this issue – Microsoft.

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Will Google Reintroduce Microblogging?

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I’m Thinking Out Loud about Blogger and Google and……Twitter. yeah, I’m writing about Twitter a lot, but hell, it’s the most interesting thing in search in a while, and things keep popping up that spark my mind. This post from Google, for example. It’s titled “Blogger connects to Google Friend Connect”, which isn’t exactly a barn burner of a headline.

But it got me thinking. As the post notes, back in the Fall Google added a “following” feature to Blogger, which I sense doesn’t work quite as well for blogging (not real time) as it does for microblogging (real time).

However, the addition of Friend Connect to Blogger is a clear response to the success of Facebook Connect in the blog world. I’m planning on adding FB Connect to this site (I have to upgrade my platform first), mainly because I’ve seen how much easier it makes it to let you all comment, as well as the amplification of those comments into Facebook.

What I’d wonder is this: Do you all think Google, through Blogger, will (re)introduce a microblogging service to compete with Facebook Live Feed and Twitter? (Oh, the irony…)

Neat: Yahoo Integrates Facebook Actions Into Search Results

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I missed this last week, from Yahoo’s Search blog:

Starting today, Facebook enhanced results will automatically appear in search results. This means users can add a friend, poke, send a message, and view a person’s friends from the deep links on the search results page. Facebook shared the structured data for this SearchMonkey app by adding semantic markup to their public profile pages.

I’d post an image but my Ecto is busted, working on fixing that.

Kumo: New Microsoft Search

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Kara has screen shots of Microsoft’s upgrade to Live search. From her post:

The long expected upgrade to the Live Search product from Microsoft (MSFT) is being tested for a public rollout later this year.

The blogosphere was a-twitter, literally, after a Twitter post by Powerset co-founder Barney Pell this past weekend, about a rebranding and updating of the search offering. (Microsoft acquired Powerset last year and Pell works on search strategy.)

What's In A Name?

By - March 02, 2009

As part of a partnership with HP, I’m writing over at their new Small Business Marketing Guide. Longtime readers know I always am transparent about these deals, as I was with my work at American Express. I love this work, because it lets me write longer form, and never tells me what to write about.

Here’s an excerpt of the piece:

We humans are all wired for a great story. We love narrative, it’s how we relate to each other and the world. Over the course of the past 20 years I’ve been involved in naming a lot of new things – from the early days at Wired (more on that in a minute) to Web 2.0, to my current work at Federated Media. And as I review all the names and brands I’ve been involved in starting or advising, one thing becomes crystal clear to me: the best names are ones that have a great story buried inside.

It’s often said that a brand is a “vessel waiting to be filled.” In other words, you can call a new product or service anything, and after a while, if your product is successful, that brand will come mean whatever experience it ends up delivering. While I generally agree with the thesis, I’ve found that having a great story is a very good way to jumpstart a new brand, and a great way to help sell it and keep defining it in the long term.

Read the entire post here.