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Twitter Bios Should Not Be NoFollowed! Updated: Whuffie Me

By - September 04, 2008

I agree with Rae!

Update: Matt Cutts responds here.

The spam issue is a real one for all social applications, which includes search, of course. But I hate the baby with the bathwater approaches. I think we need to get to the next level of validation with social media – we need to start getting more granular. As humans, we’re pretty good at weeding out who is a normal person worthy of whuffie, and who is a skeezy slimeball out to take advantage. Can’t we do the same on Twitter?!

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Google: The Ten Years Stories

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In the past two weeks nearly every press outlet on the planet has called me asking for thoughts on where Google is going and how Google got to where it is. The reason? Google turns 10 years old, according to most estimates, this weekend.

I’ve talked to as many folks as I can (after all I was a journalist covering technology for quite some time) but I did have to turn down a few given how busy life gets after the summer holidays. In any case, I’ll post links to all the Ten Year stories I find here (not just ones I’m quoted in!), starting with the Daily Telegraph in London:

Ten years of Google – Telegraph

Spin Around Google’s Decade – BBC

Google Looks to the Next 10 Years – Also BBC

Google reigns as world’s most powerful 10-year-old – Boston Herald/AP

Happy Birthday, Google – Marketplace Radio

Wither Google As It Turns Ten? – CBS Early Show (yeah, that’s me)

Google Ten Years From Now – Guardian

A World Without Google – Technologizer

Google At Ten – Om

The Today Show
– (Yeah, that’s me too)

As Google turns 10, advice for its next decade – LA Times

New Media Age

Here's A Book I Want to Read (And Wish I Could Write)

By - September 02, 2008

An Anthropology of Google’s Search Experiments (with all data exposed, of course).

Never will happen, but we get some tantalizing hints in this post on the Google blog:

At any given time, we run anywhere from 50 to 200 experiments on Google sites all over the world. I’ll start by describing experimental changes so small that you can barely tell the difference after staring at the page, and end with a couple of much more visually obvious experiments that we have run. There are a lot of people dedicated to detecting everything Google changes – and occasionally, things imagined that we did not do! – and they do latch on to a lot of our more prominent experiments. But the experiments with smaller changes are almost never noticed.

Chrome: This Is Web OS, Make No Mistake

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Why launch Chrome (Google’s new “browser”) when Firefox, Google’s favored son, is doing so well? Because Google needs its own. Using a comic book to introduce it is fun, and certainly, there’s always room for new approaches to platform and interface, and Chrome looks to have a lot of neat new features and a fresh approach. But what this really tells us is that Google is dead serious about the distribution business, for one, and dead serious about the operating system business, for another. Reading through the book, I am struck by how similar the language is to traditional operating system overviews. Multithreading, stable development platforms, etc. etc.

With the IE 8 in beta, and Firefox going strong, it looks to be a good season for innovation on the Web.