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Links for now…I know, I know…

By - November 06, 2007

But I need more time to post on Facebook’s stuff. I was at a meeting in San Jose when it broke. I mean, WHO COMMUTES IN THE VALLEY? MY *GOD*, it took me nearly three hours to get from San Jose to Marin at 5 pm today. Who does this every day? Any of you?

Anyway….some fun links for the day:

Henry on the Google economy.

The Facebook press releases.

Forbes on Facebook. And the Merc. Mark Z: “marketers are going to be part of the conversation” – sheesh, where have I heard that before?

Search your genome, baby.

Yahoo says sorry for China, in a way.

Newspapers are sorry that Google exists, in a way.

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Ballmer Keeps Speculation Alive About Yahoo

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Asked by Reuters about buying Yahoo at a tech conference, here’s his response:

My answer is a considered ‘no comment’.

We want to succeed in the online advertising space. What happens with Yahoo, we’ll all have to wait and see.

Social Ads Launches Today

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Facebook will launch its new ad platform today in New York. I am not there – I have cut back my travel significantly to be near family for the time being – but I’ll be watching closely. After taking a perception hit with the launch of Google’s Open Social, Facebook needs a good reception to continue its current status as Hottest Thing On The Planet. I agree with Cnet’s Stephanie Olsen in this piece, when she quotes a tech exec as saying: “The company that can process the most data will win.” I’d modify that – the company that can process the most data intelligently and in context, wins.

I’ll post once the news breaks.

NewTeeVee Live Heating Up – Next Week, New Speakers

By - November 05, 2007


Om Malik’s one-day conference on the future of video is heating up. YouTube founder Steve Chen has joined the lineup, as has the head of digital media for MTV, the head of MySpace TV, and many more.

Om has extended a 15% discount to pals of Searchblog, head here for the deal. Hundreds have already registered, it looks to be a great day of discussions. See you there!

Oh Please Tell Me That's Not All

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Tommorrow Facebook is set to unveil a new advertising strategy, and Venturebeat has a source saying this is what they plan to do:

In a project code-named Pandemic, Facebook will remove the somewhat popular “sponsored groups” that advertisers can buy on the site. Instead, it will introduce pages that advertisers can buy, and which can include interactive games or other applications of the advertisers’ choosing.

Pending the outcome of an internal debate within Facebook, these pages may include a number of vertical categories, such as movies, music, restaurants, travel, nonprofits, and others.

Facebook has already developed applications for these categories, that we understand to compete directly with many successful third party applications on Facebook already in these categories.


Sure, Facebook is going to compete with its own developers, that’s something any grown up in this business would expect. Mark said as much at Web 2. I am still hoping for something a bit more …. innovative. Hope Venturebeat only has half the story. Or less.