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Yahoo Takes Its Lithium

By - September 05, 2007

Blue Lithium

Yahoo yesterday announced its intent to purchase Blue Lithium, another ad network. We work with BL at FM, as well as Right Media, which Yahoo purchased earlier (Blue Lithium will make that purchase more valuable, as it will provide tons of inventory to feed RM’s exchange).

There are fewer and fewer pure play ad networks of scale (and with some kind of “secret sauce” – ie behavioral or contextual algorithms) that can be purchased. And the numbers are coming down – BL went for $300 million. Alarm:Clock likes the deal (image is from a:c), Yahoo’s own blog claims a major reason for the purchase was direct response tools.

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One thought on “Yahoo Takes Its Lithium

  1. Dr. Pete says:

    If the Yahoo execs take any more lithium, I’m afraid they’ll slip into a coma.