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Voice Post 3: Conversational Judo, Percocet

By - July 31, 2007

Typing with one hand – had a few screws put in today. Oooooooow. Voice post follows….

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Bald Promo: Check Out the Conversational Marketing Summit

By - July 30, 2007


The early bird discount for registration at FM’s Conversational Marketing Summit ends Weds, so if any of you are thinking about joining us in San Francisco this September, now is the time to register.

Please do RSVP soon, because our capacity at the Golden Gate Club is limited. We’ll have to cut off registration for both the public and VIPs once we hit capacity, and that’s at about 300 or so. We’re already at nearly 200. And man, if you care about the future of marketing, check out who’s joining this conversation (note that Google’s new VP of Marketing, David Lawee, is going to be there):

# Jay Adelson; CEO,

# Heather Armstrong; Founder, Dooce

# Jon Armstrong; Founder, Dooce

# Paul Beck; Senior Partner, Ogilvy

# Barak Berkowitz; CEO, Six Apart

# Matt Cohler; VP Strategy, Facebook

# Laura Desmond; CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group/The Americas

# Scott Donaton; Publisher, AdAge

# Sarah Fay; President, Isobar US

# Shawn Gold; SVP Marketing & Content,

# David Grubb; Worldwide Media Director; Microsoft

# Curt Hecht; EVP, Chief Digital Officer, Starcom MediaVest Group

# Carla Hendra; Co-CEO, Ogilvy North America

# Casey Jones; VP Marketing, Dell

# Patrick Keane; EVP, CMO, CBS Interactive

# David Lawee; VP Marketing, Google

# Ross Levinsohn; Former President, Fox Interactive Media

# Daina Middleton; Dir, Global Interactive Marketing , Imaging and Printing Group, HP

# Jon Miller; Former Chairman & CEO, AOL Inc

# Kent Nichols; Writer, Performer, Beatbox Giant Productions

# Greg Ott; VP, Global Marketing,

# Randall Rothenberg; President & CEO, Interactive Advertising Bureau

# Suzie Reider; Head of Advertising Sales, Youtube

# Douglas Sarine; Writer, Performer, Beatbox Giant Productions

# Tina Sharkey; Chairman and Global President, BabyCenter, LLC

# Suhaila Suhimi-Waldner; East Coast Director, Digital, OMD

# Rishad Tobaccowala; CEO, Denuo

# Johnny Vulkan; Founder, Anomaly

# Jeff Weiner; EVP, Network Division, Yahoo!

More will be announced soon, so sign up now!

Yahoo's Search Assist

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SEL covers a neat new feature that’s being tested at Yahoo: Search Assist.

Google Promotions

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The ever watchful Philipp has found another example of a promotion on Google’s main search index. This one is in the products section, and it promotes Checkout.


Dear Washington: Let Us Buy DoubleClick

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Google’s policy blog points out that everyone’s buying ad-related companies, implying that it’s time to move on and approve the DoubleClick deal.

Wales, Wikia, Search, Grub

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Jimmy Wales’ Wikia has bought Grub and open sourced it. Om has a good write up that includes this quote:

“Search is part of the fundamental infrastructure of the Internet. And, it is currently broken,” Wales said back in December 2006, when Wikia launched Search Wikia effort. “Why is it broken? It is broken for the same reason that proprietary software is always broken: lack of freedom, lack of community, lack of accountability, lack of transparency.”

Remember my early coverage of Nutch? This reminds me of those themes…

Hell Bent

By - July 27, 2007



“We are hell-bent to absolutely become a powerhouse in the ad business.” (Infoweek)

With deals from Digg (an FM partner, and now, FM is partnering with Microsoft), and EA, as well as buying AdECN and aQuantive, it’s clear we’re out of the “playing around” phase and into the “we’re not f*cking around” phase.

The aircraft carrier is turning, Mountain View….

Think Google Earth Is Cool?

By - July 26, 2007

Well, dork that I am, I think Google Earth Enterprise is cooler!

More here.