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New Algorithm From Ask

By - April 13, 2007


Details are emerging on a new algorithm called Edison from Ask. The news broke at SES this week, here’s a good overview post from SEO by The Sea.

From what I can grok quickly (I am supposed to offline, of course) this is an update/revision/combination/evolution of Ask’s previous algos from Teoma and Direct Hit. Buzz is it’s a strong step forward. More to come on this as it reveals….

From a statement from Ask found on SEL:

Edison is still in development, so we can’t say too much at this juncture. I can tell you that it’s a next generation algorithm that, among many other things, synthesizes modernized versions of Teoma and DirectHit technologies, as AG said this morning. It’s much more complicated than saying we’re just counting clicks, in the case of DirectHit. The technologies we have, and the patents we hold, go way beyond that. We’re also taking a deeper look at communities and calculating the authorities in those communities. We were really inspired by looking into the universe of user behavior, and what that could tell us, and the social fabric of the Web itself, and what that tells us.

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Supply Over Demand on Google's Stock

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So says Kevin at GigaOm:

Demand for Google remained high in 2005 as the company blew away earnings in the third quarter ($1.51 a share vs. the Street’s estimate of $1.36) and Net stocks in general rallied toward the end of the year. But think about this: Google ended the first week of 2006 at $465.66. If you bought it 15 months ago, you haven’t made money.

The supply caught up with demand. If anyone was hot on Google, thinking it might fulfill the orgiastic fantasies of analysts who had a $2,000 price target on the stock, there was always someone more than happy to sell shares to them.

Google Acquisition Strategy: Go Nuts, Use Code

By - April 12, 2007

Bloomberg: Google’s Acquisitions Chief Looking for `Really Crazy’ Ideas.

“We look at everything very carefully,” Salman Ullah, Google’s director of corporate development, said yesterday in a speech at a meeting of the Los Angeles Venture Association. “The really crazy ones do really well.”

Google, owner of the most-popular Internet search engine, has about 15 people working on acquisitions that meet with dozens of companies a week, Ullah said. Mountain View, California-based Google responds to every e-mail pitching a company, while phone calls have a 10 percent response rate, he said. …

…In the past Google has also used a technique called Monte Carlo analysis to size up a deal, where computer algorithms are used to answer questions.

Google on the Way to 66% in US, Sez Fortune/Hitwise

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From a Fortune blog:

The latest search market share numbers are in from Hitwise: in the four weeks ended March 31st, Google (GOOG) racked up fully 64.13% of all US searches. That’s up more than 10% since March 2006, and, if trends hold, Google’s share will pass the two thirds mark by August. In the same period, Yahoo (YHOO), Microsoft (MSFT), and Ask (IACI) all lost share. As the old Wall Street hands like to say: “Liquidity begets liquidity.”

Kurt Vonnegut, RIP

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Kurt V

Cory at BB has an obit.

I’ll never forget the image he created in Cat’s Cradle when the guy gives God the finger, then touches Ice Nine to his lips.

What a talent.

Update: Nice video tribute here.

Reprise to IPG

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Congrats to the Reprise team (see alarm clock here and release here), I know they are readers of Searchblog. And congrats to IPG, good move. Being good at what Reprise does (SEM) is critical to all large agencies. The next big step is integration of search, brand, and conversational marketing….

Brain Drain

By - April 11, 2007

At the end of the day, no matter how cool the work is, it’s still…