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Video, A Big Deal

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Via Lost Remote:

A new study found that 54 percent of adult internet users are shooting video but only 11 percent upload it to the internet. Interactive agency Sharpe Partners says the study illustrates the opportunity for companies to facilitate the migration of consumer video to the web. (Hint hint!)

Feeling Feisty, Are We Yahoo?

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Book Open-5

Yahoo says non to Google in its court case over Google Library/Book Search. I’m late to the game on this one and running to a meeting, so read what the AP says here:

Yahoo has rebuffed Google’s attempt to learn more about its efforts to create digital copies of books, dealing Google another setback as it prepares to fight a copyright infringement suit.

In rejecting Google’s request, Yahoo adopted the same stance taken last month by the Internet retailer, and called Google’s request a brazen attempt to pry into its trade secrets.

Google says it believes it can defend its plans to provide online access to millions of library books by obtaining more details about similar projects involving rivals.

The Buzz at AOL: It's All Over Save the Price Tag

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As one might expect with an abrupt change of control, a lot of senior folks are leaving (or plan to leave) AOL since the new boss (Randy Falco from NBC) came on board. And they are talking – off the record – about what happened to former AOL CEO Jon Miller. Now, clearly this is sourced by folks who were Miller lieutenants, but they say Falco’s unexpected appointment means one thing: AOL is going to be stripped down and sold off within the next year. They don’t believe that Falco has any intention of really focusing on building new products and being a software/services kind of CEO, as Miller was starting to become, and as AOL clearly needs to be if it is going to compete with Yahoo and Google.

They add that the real story behind Falco’s rise to power comes down to a standoff between Miller and Falco – apparently Falco was supposed to be brought in as Miller’s #2, but each man didn’t think the other was right for the job, and when push came to shove, Falco won. He was reportedly helped by a push from his former #2 at NBC, David Zaslav, who apparently needed Falco to leave so as to get out of a contract at NBC and join Discovery as its new CEO. Rumor has it that someone leaked word to the press that Miller was on the outs and Falco was coming in at AOL (Miller learned he was going to be fired from a journalist, OUCH), and that rumor was sourced at NBC. Intriguing. How the Titans play….

Strictly Business

By - November 29, 2006

Picture 1-32The leader in B2B publishing is turning to search as a means to bring its business online. Reed Business is dedicating effort to a new division called RB Search, led by Stephen Baker, formerly of FAST, as CEO. Zibb, a beta search engine for global business information, is their first product.

Exsqueeze Me While I Crow…

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Ga Ans Uh Logo

Yahoo has had some hard knocks lately, but when Google Answers went down, Yahoo’s PR dept. couldn’t help themselves. And you know what, sure, what the hell, they have a fine story here, so to quote from the email:

I’m sure you’ve heard that Google Answers is closing down. Wanted to make sure you had the latest Yahoo! Answers stats:

– Worldwide numbers for Yahoo! Answers and Knowledge Search (18 countries and 8 languages): Yahoo! Answers has 60 million unique users worldwide and 160 million answers.

– US/English-speaking countries numbers for Yahoo! Answers: Yahoo! Answers has 14.4 million unique users (comScore October) and 60 million answers.

I await the posthumous email from Jeeves, and the angle Microsoft might take. ….