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Plum: Pulling It Together

By - March 08, 2006

PlumHans Peter Brondmo is demoing Plum, a pretty cool application that mashes up, well, everything. The title of his talk is “First you Google, then what?”

Neat application. He’s announcing APIs today. From his site: Plum is a young, little company (no, we’re not afraid to admit we’re still small) we started because we think collecting and sharing stuff on the web that you care about, stumble across or need is really fun and useful, but much too difficult to do. While we love blogging and think wikis are great too, we don’t think either solves the problem of collecting the things you care about, and then remixing, annotating and sharing them for others to see and use.

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3 thoughts on “Plum: Pulling It Together

  1. matt says:

    What i wonder is where all of these great 4 and 5 letter domains are coming from.,,, – does anyone know how much cash these folks are paying for domains?

  2. jay says:

    nice idea and props that they admit being small.

  3. In our case I registered in 1995 when living on Plum Island (off the north shore) of Massachusetts. It was an important time in my life and has a lot of personal history. Really excited to be able to use it for the new company.