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And The Emmy Goes To…

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EmmyAbout a year ago I was included in a 60 Minutes piece on Google, produced by Rome Hartman and reported by Leslie Stahl. It was a fun process, and as it turns out, they used a lot of my thoughts in the piece. I figured I’d be lucky if they boiled me down to one not so stupid sounding bite, but instead, I was on for nearly as much time as the Google founders. Go figure. (My mom was ecstatic).

One year later, Rome Hartman has been elevated to Executive Producer of all of CBS News, and that Google piece won an Emmy. I’d like to thank my family, my readers, my….wait, you mean they don’t give statues to the people *in* the piece?! Sheesh.

Updated: The Future of Google's Homepage?

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GoogbelarusNo ads on the Google search homepage, period. That’s been the Google mantra. But what about….Google Belarus? Astute Searchblog reader Michael Estes came across this recently, and I have to say, if this is the future, I’ll take the past!

Update: You know, I really should have asked first, but….I figured, no way would someone be able to get away with having “” who wasn’t, well, Google. I was wrong. From Google PR:

This site ( is not owned, operated or controlled by Google.

We are aware of this site and our legal counsel is investigating the matter.