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Rhapsody's Link Love

By - December 05, 2005

This strikes me as a good idea/model. From the Seattle PI:

RealNetworks is moving today to increase the visibility of its Rhapsody music service, hoping to gain more paying subscribers with a greater presence on blogs and other Web sites.

The company is rolling out a Web-services platform that will allow third-party Web sites to link directly to albums and songs on Rhapsody. A blogger writing about a new song, for example, could post a link to a track that, when clicked on, will begin playing in a pop-up window.

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3 thoughts on “Rhapsody's Link Love

  1. fred wilson says:

    i can’t get that link thing to work for me.

    it works the same way its always worked which is too bad because the new web service is great.

    i’ve been linking to rhapsody on my blog for the past year and it has the potential to be powerful, but i don’t think they’ve got it right yet.

  2. The new site is definitely still in beta. None of the playback links work for me either. This is definitely a viral application.

  3. Ben says:

    Rhapsody is a great service, and far better than iTunes. Glad to hear they are getting more aggressive.

    – BC