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6 thoughts on “Q: Does Google Want to Spider Classified Ads?

  1. Martin Virtel says:

    I had the opportunity to ask Larry and Sergey this question about two years ago, they said “maybe”. Three years ago, Omid Kordestani answered the same question with “no”, because he thought it would compete to much with Googles advertising customers.

    Of course, this fear will be gone by now.

  2. Hans A. Koch says:

    The big question is will it be Pay-Per-Click Classifieds? Maybe only for Cars, Jobs, and Real Estate?

    “Townsend said that the online classifieds industry would likely move from the pay-for-listing model to a pay-for-performance one: Instead of charging for posting ads, sites would get paid only if when someone clicks on the ad.”

  3. Google wants not only to be a search engine but he wants to be a portal already, he wants to have a large stake in the Internet and I must admit that they are doing it successfully.

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  6. Jill Chang says:

    I think they are better of with some kind of partnership with new and upcoming classified ads sites like which will benefit consumers and also the involved parties.