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It's A Long Tail, But A Very Short Head

By - September 07, 2005

Check out these stats from SEW:

Some new and amazing numbers released today show that search sponsored links from eBay,, and InterActiveCorp made up 34 percent, or nearly 13 billion, of online advertising impressions for a one week period.

Update: In the comments Chris points out we read the release wrong, it’s 34% of ALL ad impressions are search/paid links, not that 34% of search impressions are those three companies….

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4 thoughts on “It's A Long Tail, But A Very Short Head

  1. Chris Anderson says:

    John, I think SEW may have misread the release. As I read it, those three account for less than 4% of sponsored link impressions. It’s the overall total of search sponsored links (those three companies plus 15,000 others) that accounted for 34% of online advertising impressions.

  2. Yep, sorry about that! We’ve corrected that. Still a huge number to me, a 1/3 of all ad impressions off of search. And Yahoo is the fifth biggest buyer of search ads? That including on Yahoo itself? On Google? I want to know more 🙂

  3. Since eBay just bought, that makes eBay’s combined share of search sponsored linked 5x the size of anybody else — and I bet that doesn’t include affiliate numbers.

  4. john says:

    This article clearly states the mindset of the author.