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Yet More Google News: IM Company Purchase, More on China

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MeetroFirst, rumors running around that it may acquire Meetroduction – the company behind Meetro, which makes location aware sofware, sort of IM meets social networking meets…well anyway, go check it out. I heard of this first from a UBS report that was emailed to me: reports that GOOG will announce later this week the acquisition of Meetroduction, an eight-person Chicago firm that has developed and recently launched an interesting proximity based instant messenger platform called Meetro. It allows users to see the approximate geographic location of other users, imports contact lists, and is interoperable with AIM and soon other IM platforms.

Second, Google has established a relationship with China Enterprise in which CE will act as reseller of AdWords in China, a first.

Google Add RSS/Atom Support to News

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Picture 2From a note from Google PR:

Starting this morning, users who visit any English language Google News page will see RSS | Atom links. When a user has a feed reader installed, clicking on either of these links will generate a feed of current stories related to the page they’re looking at. In addition, many feed readers can also “auto-detect” the feed and import it into the reader automatically. Google News feeds are similar to Google Alerts whereby readers receive headlines and teasers with a link to click through directly to the news source to read the full story.

Check it out here.

SES Raging….

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The annual Search Engine Strategies conference, which Danny and company put on in nearly every major city on earth, is raging right now in San Jose, and I’m very sorry to be missing it. The news is hot and heavy, to track it, check this link (Google News) or this one (t’rati).

Meanwhile, Reuters reports on a Jupiter study that claims search revenues will outpace image ads by 2010. I don’t agree, in fact, I think a morph of the two will be bigger than each of them – think the TV upfront with an AdWords backend.

Blog Study Says: Blogs = Good Audience

By - August 08, 2005

This is not a surprise, but Comscore, backed by Gawker and Six Apart, reports that those who read blogs are wealthier, younger, and probably thinner than the rest of the world. Also, nearly a third of online Americans have visited blogs. As someone who is starting a business in the blog space, I’m pleased. But I hope we remember as we generalize about “the blogging audience” that at the end of the day, it’s not about generalizing, it’s about endemic, passionate communities….

Nick has a good write up here. InternetWeek here.

Funding Indeed

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Indeed-TmThe New York Times and Fred at Union have funded Indeed to the tune of $5 million. I share an investor in the Times, and Fred is a pal (and he gives Searchblog props for making the intro ….). I’m happy for all parties involved, and wish them well.

Fred’s write up here.

My previous posts on Indeed here and here.

Update: I should have mentioned that SimplyHired was also funded, and by major Google hitters, late last week.

Stern v. Google

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SternApparently Howard Stern, and/or folks who work for/with him, are suing Google for misrepresenting AdWords budgets. Now this should be good. (via Threadwatch)

The plaintiffs are seeking class action status. They say that Google’s daily budget limits are misrepresented and that Google “continues to bill plaintiffs and all other members of the class in excess of the daily budgets,” creating in effect a monthly budget limit made up of the sum of the daily budget multiplied by the number of days in the month.

Google does indicate that it will refund customers charged more than 120 percent of a daily budget, but the lawsuit gives examples that allege regular violation of this policy, with one example campaign running from between 121 and 162 percent of overdelivery, all charged to one of the plaintiffs.

Travelin' East

By - August 06, 2005

231-7-MedMost summers my family and I travel East for August to a little cottage on an island off Mass. called Martha’s Vineyard. We were fortunate enough to have a great grandmother who decided to move there round the turn of the century (1900, not 2000). Last summer we missed due to Bea’s arrival (about the same time this blog was born), but this summer we’re heading back. For the first time I’ve got broadband installed and plan to continue writing and working, but I might be slow on the uptake while we settle in. Happy summer all!