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Tristan Louis Analyzes Google v. Yahoo v. T'rati

By - June 23, 2005

Dense, but interesting stuff. Tristan looks at the incoming links for the Technorati 100 at Google versus Yahoo. I wonder what Sifry, Jeremy, or the folks at Blogger have to say about this? Some of Tristan’s conclusions:

# Yahoo! generally does a better job at indexing the blogosphere than Google does. We know they have been working hard to improve their index and here’s proof that they are getting results

# Even if Google is the one with the motto about not doing evil, Yahoo! seems to be the one interested in giving equal opportunity to the little guy: smaller blogs seem to have a better chance of being recognized by Yahoo! than they do of being recognized by Google

# While the front page of Google advertises they are currently indexing over 8 billion pages, it is very difficult to find ways to support that claim via the link feature they are offering: this can be seen as confirmation that Google does not tell you about all the links it has in its index.

Danny gives his analysis here.

Update: Sifry has his take here.

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A reader points me to Ambedo, which is sort of like YubNub meets A9 meets metasearch.

Monier to Google?

By - June 22, 2005

Louis MonierOm Mailk has sources who say yes. This would be quite a return for Monier, the founder of Alta Vista, and another blow to eBay, where Monier has worked the past few years.

Update: I have confirmed this move with Louis, he starts next week. I hope to have more soon.

Hawk on Image Search and Photo Sites

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Nice meditation on the role photo sites and tagging might have on the future of image search.

One of the powerful aspects of owning a top photo sharing site is the possibility to own image search in the future. Microsoft, Google, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo! all have extremely mediocre image search.

Search for a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge on Google image search and see what you get — super mediocre images of a great photographic subject. By owning an online photo sharing site Microsoft could use user online ranking data to prioritize image search and make MSN image search the clear leader. Although image search is a much smaller subset than text search it would be a powerful toehold in the Google dominated world.

Although I have not seen this type of thing appear at Yahoo! yet (and with the strong grass roots community spirit at Flickr you’d probably need user buy in and even a possible opt in approach) I suspect you may see it in the future. Yahoo! has a huge leg up owning Flickr.

Update on Google Wallet, Google Listings, Google Tunes

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I recently sent a note to the folks at Google PR. It went something like this:

So, in the last week, it’s been

1. Google is starting a Paypal killer.

2. Google is starting a
craigslist killer.

3. Google is starting an
iTunes killer.

So, any thoughts about all of this?

Steve Langdon, who works with Google PR, got back to me yesterday. He sent me comments from Eric Schmidt regarding the PayPal rumours. They go as follows:

“We do not intend to offer a person-to-person stored-value payments system.”

“We believe that ecommerce can be improved and we are working on ways to improve the user experience. We are working on things in ecommerce.”

“The payment services we are working on are a natural evolution of Google’s existing online products and advertising programs which today connect millions of consumers and advertisers.”

“We are building products in the area to solve new problems in ecommerce.”

These sound a lot like “We are not planning to introduce a browser” comments. In other words, why do what’s already been done, when we can do better!?

As for the craigslist and itunes whisperings, Steve had this to say: “rumor and speculation.”

Web 2 Registration Live

By - June 20, 2005

Web205Logo-2Just a quick note: We’re doing the Web 2.0 conference by (loose) invitation, just as we did last year. We sent out a bunch of invites today, but as always, emails get lost, or they change from what we have on our list, or I missed folks I should have invited. If you’d like to come, please just head to the site and let us know. Say you came from Searchblog and I’ll make sure that an invitation gets sent your way. See you in SF!

Google V Yahoo, The Culture Angle

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Stefanie breaks it down here.

“I do believe that Google will hit a wall eventually, and it will hit it spectacularly,” said the book author Moore. “The real question is: What will it do then?”

Safa: Google Wallet Likely, Listings Service Also

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Safa Rashtchy released a note today (PDF only, no link) saying his sources are confirming the Journal’s story, and reminding us that he earlier noted that Google may launch a listings service as well.

• We had noted earlier this year that we believe Google is likely to introduce both a listings product (similar to “Craigslist” but much more powerful) and a C2C/B2C transaction and payment platform. If Google Wallet indeed launches this year, it will be initially aimed as an additional service to over 200,000 Google merchants, many of whom also use eBay.

• Google will of course be facing significant hurdles to compete with the well-established PayPal, which has more than 72M users. However, we note that when Google entered the paid listing business, it also had to catch up with a much more established Overture, which it eventually replaced as the number one provider of paid search listings.