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Another Music Search Play

By - March 02, 2005 is another music search engine, but it has a different interface from MusicPlasma. Worth checking out, I liked it on first blush…the engine uses a community “fan base” to help with filtering.

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Other Shoe on Keyword Prices, Clickfraud

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Last week there was buzz about how paid search is slowing, this week Fathom Online, which maintains a monthly keyword pricing index, reports that in fact prices dropped for paid search terms, by an average of two percent. Release is here.

I don’t know how you all feel out there, but I sense a backlash of sorts building toward paid search. The story has been too rosy, for too long. Journalists and Wall St. analysts are starting to look hard for chinks in the armor.

One of the most interesting, from my point of view, is clickfraud. I’ve been talking at length to a fellow who is a significant advertiser on Google and other paid search networks, and he is literally exhausted from chasing down all the fraud that is plaguing his ad buys, and really angry with Google for not being responsive to his requests for relief. I’ll be writing up that story and posting on it shortly, but if you have any information or insights on clickfraud, send em my way, or post em here.

Update” Charlene Li calls Google a “one trick pony” in this Bweek article, and SES show had a session on clickfraud, covered in this MediaPost piece. Why does every piece covering clickfraud end with a vague handwaving by someone saying “Smart companies are working on this, don’t worry about it…”?

New Book, New Model

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Book2My friend John Heilemann points me to the site for this new book, Safe: The race to protect ourselves in a newly dangerous world. This is a bit off topic for my site, but the folks behind the book are old colleagues and wonderful people, and the book itself is the expression of a new model in authorship, pioneered by Katrina Heron, who took over the editorship of Wired magazine a few months after I left to start the Standard. From the site FAQ:

Safe was a collaborative effort; having multiple authors allowed us to address a broader range of subjects than any one of us could have. It enabled us to talk to a vast collection of thinkers in a relatively short time, and to find links and themes connecting wide areas of counterterrorism-related research. Technology moves quickly, and working together also helped us to make the book as current as possible.

Yahoo, Ten Years!

By - March 01, 2005

1995-TmI’ve posted in the past on how Yahoo will turn ten this year, the image at left is from a Web 2.0 presentation we did back in October (by the way, I’m busy building the program for this year, and it looks awesome, already have a dozen folks lined up and I’m really excited…send me your ideas…) Anyway, a kind reader sent me a note that on Weds Yahoo plans to launch a microsite that, the reader tells me, “will be linked to from the main page. The microsite “will feature companies, news, historical events, popular culture, Yahoo! milestones, and innovations which are relevant to the past 10 years of the Web.” Keep an eye out for it!

Yahoo has had a spate of press coverage lately, from the Journal, Wired, and others. It’s SES Show week in NYC (wish I was there, but alas I could not make it) and Jerry Yang gave the keynote. Gary Price did a nice walk down memory lane here. Good coverage of SES here and here.

UPDATE: Here’s the ten year retrospective link

More On Yahoo and Media

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I’ve written a lot about this, so I’ll spare the retread, and just point to yet another example of Yahoo’s media ambitions, this Wired piece. It focuses on Semel and media, but the best quote has to do with Web 2.0 and it comes from Yang:

As a 10-year-old Yahoo! looks to the decade ahead, there are powerful forces driving the business. Technological change and further customization will be constants. But there’s another factor that excites cofounder Jerry Yang enough to keep him coming into the office every day: the network effect. “All those things we talked about in the early days of the Internet are just now starting to come true,” he says. “Access isn’t sufficient. It’s not enough to search. You also have to find – and then share with others. That’s where this company is going and I want to be there to see it.”


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BrightcoveMore on the TV over IP meme – Jeremy Allaire, who has more than a few years of entrepreneurship under his belt – is launching Bright Cove, an “exploding TV” company, as Fred Wilson puts it. It’s got serious money behind it – more than $5 million at launch from Accel and General Catalyst. Om has more coverage – he calls it “a platform for the little guy.” This sounds promising.