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AdSense TOS Updated, Google Adds Ad Links

By - March 17, 2005


You can now talk about how much money you make. Fred must be relieved. SEW reports.

Also, Google has added an “Ad Links” Unit to AdSense (pictured at left). I kinda like it!

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2 thoughts on “AdSense TOS Updated, Google Adds Ad Links

  1. Loic Le Meur says:

    Hi John, sorry to spam your comments but I cannot find your email address.

    I have organised a dream international day on blogs and social software in Paris on April 25th. Already 120 people from around the World are joining an exciting speakers list.

    I apologize for having called it Internet 2.0 it is ridiculous :-) and I will change it. It does not really matter I guess.

    Anyway, I’d love you to be a moderator or speaker there, could you make it ?


  2. Lumpy says:

    Good to know that it actually works though. I just added it to my site.