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Catching Up

By - January 31, 2005

Man. Traveling for 28 hours straight, then staying up two nights in a row for a best friend’s 40th can certainly get in the way of work. But I’m back, and much to report.

I’ll be chewing through old news over the next day or so, but honestly, won’t report much of it, as my book is due very shortly and I have another, final chapter to finish. However, a few things to note.

Cnet reports from a Harvard conference. Quote: ” “Google led the way in clarity in advertising,” said Mark Kroese, general manager of information services at Microsoft’s MSN. “We weren’t separating results (from ads) a year and a half ago, and since we’ve begun doing so, the response from both users and advertisers has been huge. Google proved that if you have clarity, people respond.””

Cnet also reports on how Google must be losing its cutting edge status, because the “OC” cast is now using A9. OK. In any case, Apple beat out Google for top brand this year, more a statement of Apple’s prominence with the mini and the iPod than any failing of Google’s, which had the top spot since 2002.

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