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By - May 06, 2004

From Comscore, via IP:

* SEARCH VOLUME: In total, Americans conduct between 3.0 and 3.5
billion searches per month. More than one billion of these searches are
typically conducted at Google. The average search engine user conducted 32
searches in February. The average Google user conducted 25 searches at the
engine, more than twice the average number of searches (12) conducted by
users of the top ten engines. (Source: comScore qSearch)

* SHARE OF SEARCH: In February, Google controlled approximately 35
percent of searches conducted at major search engines by U.S. Internet
users. Yahoo!, its closest competitor, conducted 30 percent of searches by
U.S. Internet users in February. Among worldwide Internet users (Anglophone
population), Google’s lead is even more dramatic, with the company
accounting for more than 43 percent of all searches. (Source: comScore

Share of Online Searches
February 2004
Source: comScore qSearch

U.S. Internet Users / Worldwide Internet Users
(Anglophone population)
Google Sites 34.7% / 43.3%
Yahoo! Sites 30.0% / 30.8%
MSN-Microsoft Sites 15.4% / 14.1%
Time Warner Network 15.0% / 7.1%
Ask Jeeves 1.9% / 1.7%
All Other 3.0% / 3.0%

* PENETRATION: Approximately 50 percent of all U.S. search engine
users conducted at least one search at Yahoo! in February, the highest
penetration of any search engine. Google ranked second, conducting at least
one search for 45 percent of all U.S. search engine users. (Source: comScore

* UNIQUE VISITORS: Combined, search sites reach more than 130 million
Americans or approximately 85 percent of all Internet users each month,
ranking Search/Navigation among the most popular categories on the Web.
Just over 65 million people visited Google sites in March 2004, an increase
of 23.5 percent versus March 2003. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)

Unique Visitors and Audience Reach
March 2004
Source: comScore Media Metrix
U.S. Home, Work and University Internet Users

Unique Visitors / Reach %

Total Internet Users 154,051 / 100
Search/Navigation Category 131,030 / 85.1

Google Sites 65,029 / 42.2
Yahoo! Search 59,755 / 38.8
MSN Search 48,912 31.8
AOL Proprietary Search 34,629 / 22.5
Ask Jeeves 17,524 / 11.4
Lycos Network Search 9,024 / 5.9

* PROPERTY BREAKDOWN: Below is a breakdown of traffic to Google’s
network of sites. With the March introduction of Froogle as one of the tabs
on the Google home page, traffic to this section of the site is likely to
increase quickly in the coming months. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)

Property Breakdown: Google Sites
March 2004
Source: comScore Media Metrix
U.S. Home, Work and University Internet Users

Unique Visitors

Google Sites 65,029
Google Web Search 58,494
Google Images 15,924
Google Directory 5,074
Google News 3,277
Google Groups 1,954
Froogle 749

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6 thoughts on “Info Porn

  1. This data is so inaccurate it’s funny. 3-3.5B searches/month total in the U.S.? That number doesn’t even equal the searches that Google *alone* handles on a monthly basis.

    The actual number of daily worldwide searches is more like 15B-20B/month, and I’m continually astounded how poorly comscore and all the other measurement firms track real search statistics.

  2. And if you add all the searches don’t on sites like eBay, FedEx, the comparison shopping engines, small/medium/large sites who *aren’t* already distributing PPC results, add another 5-15B/month.

  3. phnk says:

    In addition, reducing ‘worldwide users’ to anglophones is a risky game (check OECD sources, anglophone users are merely a big third of the Web).

  4. Mahavira says:

    Google handles an average of 150 million searches a day and Yahoo! handles about 55 million. So the Authors “3.0 and 3.5 Billion search by google” statment is correct 🙂

  5. splattertee says:

    Verry interesting! thx