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Yahoo Launches Soul Search

By - April 06, 2004

onion_logoFunny Onion spoof (is there any other kind?):

“A soul search often required backpacking trips across Europe, disastrous long-term relationships with incompatible lovers, and years of expensive therapy,” Semel said. “Worse, the search process often included depression, lowered self-worth, and intense doubt.”

Semel called the old way of seeking clarity “a logistical nightmare.”…

“There are bound to be some bugs, but we’re not too worried,” Semel said. “We at Yahoo have a lot of experience in helping people navigate an environment full of falsehoods, random useless information, and truly horrifying pornography. I don’t think the human soul will hold any real surprises for us.”

Early reviews from consumers have been overwhelmingly positive.

“I was skeptical, I’ll admit,” said former Boston-area investment banker Royce Creighton. “But after two minutes on Yahoo Soul Search, I found that being born into a family of bankers didn’t mean I had to be a banker. Half an hour of advanced soul-searching helped me find a buyer for my house, an alpaca farm for sale in Wyoming, and a highly recommended acupuncturist in Cheyenne. I’ve never been happier… and I found all this inside myself through Yahoo!”

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Referrals and the Yahoo Switchover

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040323-sm-pie-1Yesterday’s SEW (yes, I’m behind, was on deadline on a story that is so damn good, but…damn, it’s under embargo) has a good story comparing Yahoo and Google referrals, using WebSideStory data. This chart shows that Google still has the lion’s share, and in fact grew a bit year to year, but that Yahoo has not slipped during the changeover from using Google to using its own search. The chart is for March, 2004.

The Future of Search

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Computerworld does the honors this time and has some interesting new stuff, including a crawler that is domain (ie, subject) specific. This could help build the Specific Web, which I sort of outlined in this post on GlobalSpec. Thanks to Gary for the tip, and a good summary of the article here.

IntelliTXT Debuts, Journalists Not Pleased

By - April 05, 2004

intellitxt0405-tmJournalists have a problem with IntelliTXT. Not only is its name rather difficult to spell, its technology takes words within editorial stories and turns them into sponsorship opportunities. This is not going over well with the ink stained classes. I’m talking to the company later this week, stay tuned.

Safa Says: Strong Earnings Ho…

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rashtchy-1Safa Rashtchy predicts strong earnings this past quarter, starting with with a good quarter from Yahoo this Weds.

Driven by continued strong fundamentals, the first quarter of 2004 will bring mostly upsides to the estimates and only a few in-line performances. In fact, we believe the Q1 earning season will be characterized as a strong quarter with two trends: On the one hand, companies like Ask Jeeves, Netflix, and LookSmart have already pre-announced a much better-than-expected quarter. On another category, companies like eBay and Yahoo will have strong upsides to guidance – much of it already known and reflected in at least some of the Street estimates, including ours. We do believe, however, there will still be upside even to our raised estimates for Yahoo or eBay. The upside to guidance is likely to be the trend even for the smaller companies such as DoubleClick and Cnet – in general, all ad-based models should report a solid upside since the growth trend in advertising noticeably accelerated in Q1. Similarly, search not only stayed strong but showed very solid pricing for a seasonally weak Q1.

Revenue Science

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rs-logoNew model in an emerging market. Big name investors. Strong management. Product launched today. Big name customer, too (WSJ…) On my To Grok list.

Update: Fred points out that Tacoda was in this space first and, to my mind, sports Big Name Investors as well, namely, Fred and Jerry

(thanks, Gary)

boing boing and the bills

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bbhead10x.gifMy friends at boing boing are asking their readers to help them figure a way to pay the bills yet stay true to their roots. They’ve asked me to help them, and I’d love your input too. Many of Searchblog’s readers are well down the path of figuring out how to support blogs with advertising or sponsorship revenue. You can chime in via the comments below, or at bb’s comments page, here.