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Web's Role In Buying Process

By - March 03, 2004

More data supporting the decline of television and print, and the rise of the web as an advertising vehicle. Self serving though it is, Doubleclick’s “Touchpoints” survey has some pretty impressive findings, according to Mediapost (scroll down to sixth item):

The survey analyzes how media affect initial product awareness (First Learn), research and information gathering (Further Learn), and the final purchase decision. Consumers were asked about their purchases during the last six months for products in the following categories: Auto, Credit Cards/Retail Banking, Electronics, Home Products, Mortgages/Investments, Movies, Personal/Household Care, Prescription Drugs, Telecom Services, and Travel.

TV advertising plays a major role in establishing early awareness of Movies, Personal and Household Care items, Telecom products, Autos, and Prescription Drugs. However, Web sites and online marketing make bigger dents when it comes to building awareness of Travel and Mortgages/Investments. In the First Learn phase, the survey found that TV’s influence dropped 8 percent in the Electronics category and 7 percent in the Movies and Automotive segments in the past year. In comparison, print drives First Learning in the Personal/Household Care and Home Products segments, while direct mail most heavily influences awareness of Credit Cards/Retail Banking offerings.

The Internet is most important later on in the buying process, during the Further Learning and Purchase Decision stages for products in the Travel, Auto, Credit Cards/Retail Banking, Consumer Electronics, Mortgages/ Investments, and Prescription Drugs categories.

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