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In meetings with several colleagues over the past few days, many did not know about the column I write each week – I’ve been remiss and not cross posting my writings from NewCo Shift here.

It’s been interesting to move my main focus of writing from a personal blog to a publication in-the-making. I’ll have more thoughts about that this weekend here. But in the meantime, if you’re wondering what I’m thinking and writing about, well, most of that work is here. Here are my latest columns:

Chasing The Grail: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Illumina, and Google Ventures Are Betting This Company Will Find A Cure For Cancer

The World’s Biggest Industry Just Got Served

Why Uber and Apple Won’t Save The Economy

Kickstarter’s Mission Is Non-Negotiable

Does Your Company Know Why It Exists?

Hey, Fortune 500: Time To Get Involved

Android’s Founder Wants To Give The Internet A Body

The Shot Clock

The Tech Story Is Over


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