At Google Zeitgeist: Theoretical Physics and Astronauts, Unite!

Earlier in the week I traveled to the annual Google Zeitgest conference, where I’ve been honored to be a moderator for the past few years. This year I was given the challenge of tacking a 90-minute block on “The World We Dream,” which featured an extraordinary set of speakers. The session included a short interview with two impressive folks: Ron Garan, a NASA astronaut who has spent 180 days in space, and Lisa Randall, a celebrated theoretical physicist and author. I’ve never spent as much time prepping for a 20-minute interview as I did for this – in part because the Higgs Boson is not that easy for the laymen to grok, nor is the concept of floating around in space. If you are so inclined, enjoy:


7 thoughts on “At Google Zeitgeist: Theoretical Physics and Astronauts, Unite!”

  1. Great interview. An accessible explanation of Higgs Boson and I love Garan’s suggestion to build a universal open source platform for collaboration. Improving social decision making is essential to being able to capitalize on all the possibility at hand – new tools of collaboration and democracy are needed for a world of abundance, for a world of accelerating change.

    1. When Ron said that, I thought – we already have what he’s talking about. It’s called the open Internet….

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