New Feeds For Searchblog

Pardon the site-specific interruption, but as part of my ongoing quest to keep my content here on my own site, I’ve begun posting pictures of stuff here that I’d otherwise put on Instagram, Twitter or other services. Given that many of you read Searchblog for my trenchant commentary as opposed to my preferences in pinots, I promised you that I’d create new RSS feeds. Well, here they are!

You’ve got a lot of choices – Everything (all photos and posts), Everything But Photos, Headlines Only, and Photos Only.

Many thanks to the team at Blend for helping me make this happen.


5 thoughts on “New Feeds For Searchblog”

  1. Really nice job, and something I’m currently figuring out (Sadly I haven’t got a team to help, so it might take a bit longer…)

    I’ll still share on all the other networks, but the important thing for me is that the original copies and source point back to the bit I can control, backup and look after in the way I want…

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