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The Week in Wine, 5.26 Edition

By - May 26, 2012

Dinner with friends and a night in the band room proved bountiful when it came to trying new wines this week.

I tasted this Blackbird Vineyards Arriviste – a Rose that the gals had. They sure liked it. Proved a great start to the dinner for them.

We moved on to the Peay Sea Scallop, which I’ve already posted (it’s on my Wines Pinboard), then this swell finish, the Pahlmeyer 2009 Jayson (a blend), which held up to the steak we shared. It’s quite obvious the winemaker (Jason Pahlmeyer) spent a lot of time in Spain.

In the band room last night, we got lucky – our guitarist, a wine lover, brought out a rare beast: a 2006 Patricia Eason Pinot. This wine comes from a four acre plot in Willemette, Oregon. It’s very rich for a Pinot and just wonderful to relish. We drank it out of plastic cups and played music, which somehow worked.

Tonight is going to be a Pinot fest as we welcome a bigger group to the house, we had to find great drinking wines that weren’t going to break the bank, since there’ll be a lot of glasses flowing. Among others, we picked the Belle Gloss Clark & Telephone from Santa Barbara:

…the Hitching Post Cork Dancer, always reliable and also from SB (sorry for the image):

And the Etude from Carneros. Hard to do wrong with those.

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5 thoughts on “The Week in Wine, 5.26 Edition

  1. Michael Davidson says:

    Loving the 

  2. Michael Davidson says:

    Loving the wine posts! FYI, is the canonical place for wine geeks to post tasting notes, although I’m sure pinterest is catching up. 

  3. Nice. A friend of mine was the winemaker at Etude, just a few years ago.

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