From Today’s Ride: 20 Miles O’ Smiles

A good push on a demo’d 29er Marin this morning. A few highlights:

Mt. Tam, where I was headed, from Blithedale Ridge.

Tons of folks at West Point Inn today, which is about 2/3rds up Tam. It was the 100th anniversary of the Marin Municipal Water District and there was a band playing. But this shot looks South, away from the Inn, toward Tam.

Lastly, the view from near the top, on the way down Eldridge, toward Bon Tempe Lake and the open spaces of Fairfax and beyond. I do not recommend bombing down Eldridge on a hardtail 29er. Ouch.

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4 thoughts on “From Today’s Ride: 20 Miles O’ Smiles”

  1. John, I’m sure I’m not the only one you are driving away from your site with these photos. It strikes me as a very perculiar form of logic you are using to clutter up your extremely popular and tech-focussed blog with these, just because you want to keep ‘ownership’ of them and an ability to post them elsewhere. Surely a tech-savvy person like yourself could find one of countless other ways you could achieve the same effect without effectively spamming the 90%+ of us who don’t want to see your holiday snaps and bottles of wine. Sure, there’s an RSS feed without them, but have you tried reading it? And also I have enough complications in my life without having to go through that. I really care about your blog and appreciate the excellent and provoking thoughts you write on tech issues here – that’s why I’m writing when normally I would just switch off and go elsewhere. Please save us from your wine John!

  2. I do not have the same opinion that Jeff does regarding this. I appreciated the pictures and enjoyed them. Of course, I realize there is more to life than just tech and am a fellow mountain biker.

    1. I think just creating a new section of the site “Life” or something, might do the trick. I am looking into it.

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