7 thoughts on “Comscore Dec. Search Share: Bing Keeps Inching Forward”

  1. Have to agree with Garnesh. Microsoft need to do more than inch forward to make any difference to the vast market share that Google currently enjoys.

  2. The only way Microsoft will beat Google in search is for it to be either (1) seen as cool again, or (2) garner some control of the quality content.

    It seems the latter is far more likely as Ballmer, Gates and co are hardly going to be be able to reinvent themselves as hip and cool by “influencers”… especially given the bad ill feeling and resentment they have accrued over the years within the tech industry.

    In my eyes Microsoft will follow form and attempt to starve the competition. The weapon of choice this time will be quality content.

  3. I’m sure Bing were probably hoping for more at this stage but every gain just eats away a bit at everyone else’s share. Nothing for Google to be too anxious about at this stage but I’m sure it’s been noted.

  4. Measuring page views doesn’t measure search market share.

    It’s not how many queries people run that matter — it’s how many visitors the search engines send to other sites.

    John, call for better metrics. These crap metrics have been pushed on the business field for too many years.

  5. I think Google has become too much of a household name. I don’t if anyone can or will compete with their markt share. I think it may have more to do with Google screwing up in a big way and losing market share, allowing others to catch them. One day, I think someone will start a major campaign regarding how much Google knows about everyone, and eventually people will migrate away.

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