These Are A Few of My Favorite Posts – 2009 Edition

Going through the past year in posts, I realized a few things. First, as with 2008, I wrote quite a lot off site. Second, I need way better navigation for this site, as it's got six years of posts in it now, and even I can't remember what the hell…

Going through the past year in posts, I realized a few things. First, as with 2008, I wrote quite a lot off site. Second, I need way better navigation for this site, as it’s got six years of posts in it now, and even I can’t remember what the hell I said half the time. And third, I want to write more. A lot more. I’m expecting that will happen in 2010.

But I did get to write quite a bit in ’09. Here are some of the posts I’m most proud of.

January, 09

Predictions 2009 (drew the biggest single day crowd ever for Searchblog)

On Alice, Tik Tok, Marketing, CES, and Finding The Ground (in which I propose a our industry had found the bottom)

More on The Future of Print and Journalism

Why No Twitter Search from the Big Guys? (it came, ten months later…)

(Credit, Oil, IT, and) Paper Ain’t Free, So Don’t Waste It.

February, 09
Twitter = YouTube. (in which I submit that Google must buy Twitter. It did try…)

Wondering Out Loud: The AT&T Network (in which I wonder if AT&T is favoring the iPhone over other devices on its network)

Google Latitude (how *is* that going?!)

March, 09
An “Undifferentiated slush of results” (foreshadowing of things to come)

ExecTweets (the first brand marketing execution done with Twitter)
It’s Very Sorta Twitter (Facebook, That Is)

Tim Armstrong To Lead AOL – Further Thoughts

Can Google Find Its Voice?

“Search Is A Pencil” (Twitter is a pencil, Facebook, Photoshop)

The Conversation Is Shifting (in which I note how social is driving traffic around the web)

What’s In A Name? Thoughts on what a brand means – as a story.

April, 09
The Twitter Inflection

Will Yahoo And Microsoft Just Do It? If So, How? (well, it didn’t quite work out as expected, but it did work out!)

News: Google Lets You Put Yourself Into Results For..Yourself

Breaking: Newscorp to Buy Twitter for $750mm in Cash (April Fools)

May, 09
Liveblogging the Microsoft Search News (Bing)

Twitter’s Continued Inflection: Time For Facebook Connect (in which I urge Twitter to implement FB so as to fix its value prop to new users)

As It Inflects, Twitter Must Add Value to New Users, Faster

As We Head Toward A More Conversational Interface, Can AdWords Keep Up?

Earned Followers Are Better Than Junk Circulation

June, 09
Google v. Facebook? What We Learn from Twitter. (in which I urge Facebook to make all data open. It did…)

Twitter Bumps Ceiling

English’s Millionth Word: Web 2.0

July, 09
Questions On the Yahoo Bing Deal

The Year’s Half Over. So How Are My Predictions Tracking?

August, 09
I Blew It On Facebook

A Preview: This Year’s Web 2 Program (Newly Added Speakers!)

Don’t Be A Fan Platform Hater

On Using Search for Decisions

Tell Me This Ain’t Facebook, Er, Twitter, Er, Both.

Don’t Be A Player Platform Hater

Bartz: Yahoo Was “Never a Search Company”. Me: Bullsh*t.

Apple: Is The Worm Turning?

September, 09
On Facebook, Comments, and Implications

Why Are Conversations (With the Right Person) So Much Better Than Search?

Watch Out Google, Facebook Is Gaining in PPC

On Complements and Showdowns and TweetSense

The IPO Markets and the Internet: A Thaw’s A Comin

Web 2 Preview: DigitalGlobe: The World Is The Index

Search Frustration: It’s Still Hit Or Miss On Complex Decisions

October, 09
What “Tweet” Needs to Become: To Share a Moment

Search Does That. Social Does This. Give Me A Reese’s Cup Please

November, 09
I Have A Kindle Now. But I Won’t Read A Book On It. Discuss. (the second most active post this past year)

Just Give Me One Modal Dialog ….

Thanks For Flying With Us. Please Give Us All Your Money. (the third most active…)

OK, What the Real Phone Map Should Be

December, 09
Predictions 2009: How Did I Do?

The Brewing Privacy Storm

What’s Up? (more thoughts on real time search)

Google Is Failing More

This is the Facebook Step We Expected: Default Public

What Are The Conversion Rates for Google’s “First Click Free”?

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