11 thoughts on “Hunch”

  1. hate to say it but you’ve got this all wrong. this is not been a good launch for Hunch because all too often the reaction is the same: people feel that it’s an odd idea and a little too gimmicky to be taken seriously. That is my impression and, if you read the comments on Techcrunch, the same way that many have reacted.

  2. Hunch will likely fail or morph into something else because no one is ever going to make a serious decision based on this silly tool. Sad but true.

  3. As it currently operates, Hunch is about the second-most stupid idea to come out of the search engine industry (after Google’s PageRank nonsense).

    Who in their right mind would allow a computer to make decisions for them?

  4. considering all of the questions it asked me, i could have done the research on my own and come to the same conclusion. i was asked what 25 questions total to be told i should by a hybrid.

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