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YouTube as a reference site and search king (yes, video is grammar). Microsoft's (and others') Plot to Kill Google. Good luck with that. A survey underwritten by MSFT finds advertisers are wary of Google. Despite the source, I can't imagine this isn't true. If only they also weren't wary…

YouTube as a reference site and search king (yes, video is grammar).

Microsoft’s (and others’) Plot to Kill Google. Good luck with that.

A survey underwritten by MSFT finds advertisers are wary of Google. Despite the source, I can’t imagine this isn’t true. If only they also weren’t wary of Microsoft.

Google Knol isn’t working. Yes it is. Maybe it is.

Search is off 8 percent quarter to quarter in Q4. So says one source. I’m waiting till the real numbers come in.

Google tests
preferred site preference.

Author: John Battelle

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  1. Hello dear John.

    Microsoft is working since many years. It’s a great company about computer. And Google is a young structure. Google’s doing better jobs more than Microsoft as to me. It’s serving services on many departments. It’s so usefull. We should be grateful to Google about that. soon and after right now.

  2. I don’t think the big G is quaking in their boots about MSFT’s plot! Especially after looking at MSFT’s online division’s abysmal #s just announced today.

  3. I’ve noticed almost explosive growth in interest for video content. I am not surprised to see people using YouTube as a search engine.

    I’ve been doing that myself on a regular basis for several months now.

  4. Ah Yes Tidbits!
    1. I don’t go to Ebay, but I have collected Guitars and Cars, and have on occasion sold a guitar on Ebay and what a horrible process. Go to youtube and search, Gibson es-335 and you’ll see the guitar, here it…etc. If you want it now, the archaic process on Ebay is mind numbing!
    2. Google: Here we go again (this is Googles foray into Brand Extension! When a consumer searches, for businesses on Google (there real customers) these businesses depend on their latest offering, or SEO work, to put them in front of the consumers. Here comes Google with their version of (the little black book) for consumers. I have always felt the Internet was full of mind numbing crap, and they should sweep off the streets once in awhile. Saving pages to your favorites is so easy, what is the value of this?
    3. Google Search: Many of the businesses in my Industry are off 50%, hmmm, maybe they won’t advertise as much; what Google should be pointing these people to is Kermit Baker at Harvard, and all the research they have that proves beyond a doubt that businesses that advertise in a recession can thrive and grow!
    4. We are involved in contractor leads, if you type contractor leads Denver into your browser, we have nine of the organic listings with our website, blogs, and other people’s blogs on the first two pages. But! This Listing has been on the first or second page of the search for as long as I can remember, and will stay there forever. Why doesn’t something sweep this away?
    Oct 17, 2002 … DENVER, CO – October 17, 2002 / – Because of their current overload of customer leads, is offering free … – 49k – Cached – Similar pages

  5. Mr. Walk said a good example is provided by an ad for Hillary Rodham Clinton during the Democratic presidential primaries — the one in which a voice asks “Who do you want answering the phone?” at the White House at 3 a.m. during a crisis. A search for “Hillary Clinton 3 a.m.” on Google would bring up news stories about the ad and the controversy surrounding it. On YouTube, the same search brought up the original commercial, as well a response by the Barack Obama campaign, pundits’ commentaries and an assortment of spoofs, giving users a much different understanding of how the story unfolded, Mr. Walk said.

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