5 thoughts on “A Note For the Conversation Economy”

  1. @johnbattelle Yeah, but you’re John Battelle, Internet-famous guy. If I had done the same, as Jane Anyone, would I have received the same?

    @ninavizz That is the test. Everyone should get the same service. I think a major reason to use Twitter will be and is customer service.

  2. While I’m still on the Twitter fence in some ways, I do wonder… if the service is so great, why ever does one have to capture Twitter screens to post in a Blog? I mean, you wouldn’t try to re-post a blog to a Twit, would you. (Sorry, that’s Tweet I mean.) Sure, you’d promote a blog post via Tweet, but just repeat the Tweet?

    The thing I love most about Twitter is the talk about Twitter. It’s wild. What I really don’t understand is why AOL or Yahoo or MSN with their pre-existing millions of IM users didn’t just copy this idea. (IP issues/potential licensing aside for a moment.)

    If it’s because they’re lumbering and slow, that’s one thing. If it’s because their users are not into it, that might mean Twitterers are way into the early adopter phase still and there’s limits to it’s usefulness for a little while until others spool up.

    In any case, it’s still just funny to see Twitter posts in a blog, (which I’ve seen elsewhere). I suppose if we can try to have hybrid cars, hybrid Tweets are ok as well. Would these Twogs then? Or just Bleets? (Nothing can really take off until it has a cool name like Blog or Tweet.)


  3. You’re totally right, Brand is about emotion. It’s instinctive–I catch myself responding loyally and emotionally to a brand, even when I know I’m doing it!

    Dove is a perfect example. I liked Dove products, I used Dove products. But I’d started to get a little bored, wonder if I should try something else. Then I saw that ad up there. Holy cats. It touched one of my focus points–encouraging self-esteem in girls–and so perfectly echoed my convictions that I was *sold* on Dove. Logic (“maybe another product would work better for me”) went out the window, and emotion (“I’m supporting a product that supports my values”) took over.

    Who knew that lightning in a bottle would look like moisturizer? 😉

    I look forward to reading more of your thoughts!

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