10 thoughts on “BBTV On CrowdFire”

  1. John,

    How do you manage to stay so tan in the bay area and what player is that? The quality looks great and the look and feel is sweet.

  2. Fascinating way to fracture experience, shuffle the pieces and reassemble in search of more revelatory – and just plain cool – interpretations.

    Gets right to the core artistic mission: to somehow break through the worn symbols that keep us one step removed from reality and reawaken the senses with a jolt. The rose is red again!

    As Krishnamurti put it: “The day you teach the child the name of the bird, the child will never see that bird again.”

    Give the child the tools to re-experience the bird in a mashup and the magic returns, and returns, and returns.

    The fun is just beginning.

    I bet Picasso would have loved it.

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