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  1. Oh. My. Fing. Goodness.

    Mayer’s justification for the move is that since Google has started including images and video in search results, people have stopped clicking on text ads as much. To counter, she thinks adding visual ads will bring people’s eyes back towards them.

    I want right now any b.s. from Google about the ads being independent of the search results to forever cease. Ads and SERPs may still have independent low-level code bases. But this brazen move, and especially Mayer’s justification, proves to me the fact that they’re not ultimately independent, that the decisions made and algorithms developed in one affects the other, and vice versa. And these statements from Mayer show exactly that decisions are being made about one, because of what is happening in the other. Ads and SERPs are no longer independent!

    And so much for it all being about relevance. What if, what if, Mayer had instead taken the following tack? (Don’t quote this, this is my fantasy-world hypothetical:)

    Mayer decided not to show video ads, and gave the following justification: `Since Google has started including images and video in search results, people have stopped clicking on text ads as much,’ she said. `This shows that our approach to universal search has succeeded. People are doing much better at finding the relevant information that they need in the SERPs, and therefore no longer have any need to click ads. We here at Google think that it is all about the user and the user’s information need. Therefore, in order not to distract the user from the now increasingly relevant SERPs, we have decided not to show video and image ads, because those distract people’s eyes from the more relevant SERPs. And relevance comes first.’

    The fact that she is not saying something like this is extremely telling.

  2. It is quite interesting and I can’t wait to see what it going to be.
    Last year I was dissatisfied with Google YouTube AdSense program because earnings for webmasters was extremely low, banners / ad fields wasn’t standart and didn’y fit most websites.
    Video ads in Google search could be quite popular and it will be interesting to watch big clients and their ROI.

  3. As a webmaster and SEO, I am curious to see how the natural search spots will be treated by Google algorithm. Would it get a mixture of images and and text as well? or the top paid search spots will have the video, and not the natural search results?

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