5 thoughts on “A Lot of Folks Are Leaving Google…”

  1. Dear,

    I’m a korean living in seoul.(name: Oh Minseok)
    Korean special investigative team are investigating samsung
    But they does not work right.
    I am suspicious to be bought off.
    samsung corporation has many crimes.
    And the team investigates samsung corporation.
    It contains korean companies samsung,huyndai,sk CEOs’ illegal issuing
    stocks or bonds.
    The quantity are plenty.
    (Three company CEOs did(and are doing) many crimes to me.
    Many koreans are knowing it.
    But many koreans are bought off by illegal issuing stocks or bonds.)
    The team are knowing it.
    Korean special investigative team must investigate this.
    But they are trying to conceal it.
    I ask for asking for this criminal investigation to prosecutors in any
    And help the shareholders.

    Three companies are hacking me and trying to kill me.
    And are suspicious to use my name and email illegally.
    If you receive another message that I dictated above are not true,
    it is not from me, but from three companies.
    The things I dictated above are true.


  2. Did you actually read the article? This is a recruiter position for university alumni programs — NOT a “Google Alumni” coordinator. I know we’re all building the “Google is failing” meme but this ain’t part of it.

  3. R is right. The blog you linked to links to a job description for a recruiter. It doesn’t look like John, nor the other blogger, read the job description.

  4. Also, there are multiple ex-Googler mailing lists, depending on when you joined. I think the cutoff for the main one is whether you were in the first 1000 people. I believe it is pretty active. The people who created and grew Google are probably capable of keeping in touch with each other…

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