One thought on “We Knew It Made Sense”

  1. John, this isn’t very exciting — it is neither rocket science nor new.

    What is more, you provide 2 links: 1. promotes Google, even though (as I just said) such linguistic approaches to information retrieval are neither new nor rocket science (though they really only work well for 2 word phrases) — but note how this promotional article is “sponsored by Google ads”; 2. The techdirt.COM page linking to the sponsored article is also “sponsored by Google ads”.

    This feels like a “new & improved scientific breakthrough” advertised in the classified ads section of some cheap (or perhaps “free”) magazine.

    It was quite difficult to overcome the revolting impact of such cheesy publications, but I tried to do as best as I can. However, if such poor quality were to become standard fare, I worry about the credibility of such “reports”.

    In contrast: I look forward to getting your first reactions to the book about language by Pinker.

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