2 thoughts on “More Facebook Google Fun”

  1. John,
    This is interesting. I seriously doubt that adwords is the way to monetize applications for serious facebook application developers. Already, adwords has proven to not be the best app monetization model.

    Pure contextual ads are not the best solution for facebook apps. Unless you have a high traffic app that focuses on serving DUI attorneys ads; it’s most likely not the route to go. 😉

    Rodney Rumford

  2. AdSense ads aren’t always the best, but you have to hand it to Google for monetizing the long-tail. Ultimately, that’s why they’ve achieved the success they have. While I don’t think their Facebook ads will do much for the giant, it won’t hurt them, either. In fact, I probably think employing Google AdSense will probably do more harm to the growth of apps using the network than to anyone else, Facebook included. Time will tell.

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