2 thoughts on “We Love Fair Use”

  1. WOW: Hot tips, both of you! Very witty, that Nick.

    I have a domain ( http://browse.name ) that I set up in framesets one afternoon a couple years ago. I’ve been meaning to get back to doing something more substantial with it — but honestly: whenever I go back to it (every now and then) I find that even though it might be sub-par, it’s still better than say about 99% of the content out there (perhaps even 99.99% — if you’re unit of “content” is the “plain & dirty” bit [like some esteemed information economist argues]).

    I guess that means that — at least potentially — anyone on Earth (well, OK: anyone on Earth who can access the Internet) can use that content (which I do admit is still pretty sh*tty) to navigate around the Internet. So perhaps this one domain can be see as a key to the entire Internet, the Internet economy and — since it is possible to send faxes via Internet nowadays — ever the entire global economy! All in one domain!! How’s that for “bang for your buck”?!?

    ;D nmw

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