2 thoughts on “Google’s Presentation App Ready”

  1. Have you tried this yet? I tried it last night and it is awesome. I can see how when Google spreadshets first came out, people could bitch about how it didn’t do this finance function, CFO couldn’t use it, etc. But I do a LOT of powerpoint presentations and I can say that the new Goog presentations do basically everything I use powerpoint for…AND it’s got webex/placeware functionality built in. Works perfectly.

    If webex or placeware et al were still independent, they’d be out of business in a year. Google nailed it with this one.

  2. Make Sure You Read the Fine Print before
    making a Career (or Income) Limiting Move
    – to see why see the article at http://www.pcprofile.com/Office_Collaboration.pdf that I wrote some months ago on the topic.

    Great tool, great concept, BUT it has a big downside for the unwary. It’s not as plain sailing as many would like to believe.

    If you want to share your IP with the rest of the world and have it all over servers everywhere, go for it, but those of us that make a living out of IP matters, it’s a real issue.

    It’s an even bigger issue if you want to have commercial secrets and decide to collaborate using Google Apps, the Ts and Cs will kill you, and not with laughter!

    Are you aware that for anything you load up into Google Apps you immediately grant a license to Google to use in any way they so choose? Read their fine print.

    Whilst you might own the IP, you are also assigning them rights to it as well!

    Is that what you had in mind for confidential documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc?

    I suspect not.

    Use Google Apps with caution!

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