5 thoughts on “Comment Posting Issues?”

  1. A no ‘secret letter’ preview test.

    >First preview worked fine, presents new ‘secret letter’. Now to edit my test and preview again. –unfortunate that the preview page does not retain the name and email fields.

    >Second preview with edits worked fine (other then the annoyance of having to continually re-enter my name and email).

    This time it’s Post, so I’ll enter the ‘secret letter’

    If this shows up then I’d say the system worked.

    OS & Browser:
    GNU/linux Konqueror

  2. One more check:

    > Using ‘preview’: This time I checked the ‘remember my personal info’ box… maybe that will keep the name and email fields filled in.

    No it didn’t, but I got a nice cookie so we’ll see how it does later on another visit.

    oh-oh, Bad news, I got a offer to open the cgi script with my default word processor when I hit the post button. This is a continuous condition.

    I’m going to close this browser session, come back and see if I can post (bet it’s a cache and new cookie problem).

    – – – – – – – – –
    OK I’m back, it did indeed remember me when I arrived.

    >Preview first (no ‘secret letter’).

    OK Preview worked (still looses the name and email fields though).

    If you see this the post worked this time.

  3. Direct post, no preview. (name and email were filled in when the refreshed page with the last post appeared).

    I’m sure there can be a problem for at least some browsers with checking the ‘remember my personal info’ box for the first time. It’s not that unusual behavior –an auto refresh when the box is checked might be added to the code… make that cookie work for a living!

    So that’s all the tests I can think of.

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