4 thoughts on “Spock Goes Live Weds Morning”

  1. I can’t believe they think they’re ready.

    I signed up for an account months ago – every so often I check back, and everything I seem to want to do is always broken.

    I discovered my own name on there twice – one I created, the other was a scrape from MySpace. Apparently you can merge the accounts, but everytime I try it pops me up an error.

    Just now I tried to log in to see if they’d fixed it, and logging in I get stuck on a page called “refresh_current_user” with a couple of element.update function calls written out on screen!

    That doesn’t sound ready for release to me…

  2. Just tried to claim that second profile again and got this error:


    Ive been “coming back in a bit” for over 2 months!!!

    And is it just me or is it reeeeeally slow???

  3. Dear SearchBlog Readers:

    After a very successful private beta, we launched the Spock public beta today with great fanfare. During the private beta period we created a strong community of users, bloggers, and reviewers. For this we are very grateful.

    In anticipation of our public beta launch, we had catered for peak capacity of 100 page views a second, which translates to 300 million page views a month. However, since this morning we have been getting a consistent request rate of 300 to 400 page views a second, which translates to nearly 1 billion page views a month.

    Although this level of demand is gratifying, we sincerely apologize for not being able to serve it all. The entire Spock team is working hard to add more capacity today and tomorrow. Please bear with us while we add more bandwidth to meet the needs of our global user base.


    Jaideep Singh
    Co-founder & CEO

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