One thought on “Google VP Marketing in Bizweek”

  1. Couple of my reactions, FWIW:

    Have you ever done any brand advertising just for Google?We do a lot of direct marketing. But not brand marketing.

    Oh, yeah? And what about the advertisements on PBS, during Nova? Where the Google advertisement shows someone using the Google search engine to find information about “string theory” and “Egyptology”? Is that not brand marketing? Fine, it’s not a superbowl commercial. It is much more targeted to the PBS audience. But I don’t see how this guy can claim that this PBS/Nova commercial is not a brand marketing.

    And I vaguely remember hearing a similar type of Google commercial/Google branding ad on NPR, once, too.

    So I do not see how this guy can claim that Google does not do brand marketing. I have seen it.

    You can’t say you’re innovative. You actually have to be innovative. The best marketing for innovation is to put out a new product or improvement every two weeks. We’re releasing stuff almost every day. That’s much better than an ad saying we’re innovative.

    Here I disagree as well. Innovation does not mean releasing a new product every two weeks. Much of what gets released on a regular basis seems trivial and uninteresting to me. Incremental improvements that don’t really change they way I work on a daily basis. However, that doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t innovate. I think they do a fantastic job with the infrastructure they’ve built, the MapReduce and their massive computational grid. That is some praiseworthy innovation. It is just a longer-term, less publicly visible aspect of the company.

    But this whole “we are releasing something every two weeks” story? Not really a good measure of innovation, IMHO.

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