8 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’”

  1. You fish? Awesome! Fishing IMO is the ultimate entrepreneurial activity.

    Returns are influenced by seemingly random factors until you’ve been doing it for a few years and understand things a little better.

    Most fish are very average but every now and then you hook into one that tries to tear your arm off.

    There are long periods of no activity punctuated by huge excitement.

    Some of the most important decisions you make are made very quickly and profoundly affect your outcome.

    When exploring a new area it helps to have a guide.

    If everyone’s fishing the same hole, you’re probably better off walking up the river and trying somewhere else.

    Go where the fish are and never fish empty waters no matter how much you love casting.

    Do what works. When you discover a fly or lure that works and a depth that works, don’t keep experimenting. Milk it for all it’s worth.

    Lastly, no matter what, never take a banana with you on the boat. (probably only applies to fishing)

    Mark Maunder.
    ps: If you’re ever in Seattle and want to go Steelheading, look me up.

  2. Likewise, nice to discover you’re a fisherman, John. If you find yourself anywhere near the Yakima River, Washington State’s one Blue Ribbon trout fishery, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to take you for a ride in my drift boat, and show you “my” river.

    Seems the least I can do for the value I’ve gotten from your blog over the years.


    Scott Butner

  3. John — Enjoy the holiday, and may you catch some really big fish! I leave on August 20th to (try to) climb Mt. Rainer with a friend. Let’s touch base when you return.

    Scott Cohen

  4. Just found your blog for the first time this evening. I’m trying to get out more, doing traveling and some fishing when I’m not working on my internet business. Sometime we just need to clear our minds.

    Just have fun…

    Aaron Brandon

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