7 thoughts on “Holy Crap: Microsoft is Buying aQuantive”

  1. please: hold the mayo — I’m on a diet…

    could I get a receipt with that?

    how much of this is a tax deductable donation? do you employ X, Y or Z?

    “Look: it’s a baloney sandwich — do you want one or not?”

    ;D nmw

  2. I previously wondered in what fantasy land DoubleClick was worth $3B. Now, aQuantive scores a $6B price tag? If anyone doubts that we’re smack dab in another hysterical dot-com bubble, doubt no more.

  3. Nobody blinked at the 24/7 Media acquisition yesterday.

    Who’s next?

    What smaller companies are the current bridesmaids?

  4. Hmmm. Now Google has performance data for it’s two main competitors through performics. MSN has performance data for it’s two main competitors through Avenue A. It will be interesting to see. I have heard some people have left Performics due to it being part of a search engine and less biased. With Microsoft having less of a share in the search space, this may cause more people to be uncomfortable, at least from the search and display advertising side.

  5. It’s a $6,000,000,000 Hail Mary and Flutie’s left the building. It’s not even a pure play; the professional services / agency side of the buisness has little to no value to Msft so double the effective sales multiple. Wow. Holy Crap Server.

    What happens in seattle stays in seattle, I guess.

  6. Not to go off topic (funny how this is only said when someone is about to speak of another topic) but will you be posting about Microsoft’s “Imagine Live” search engine launch on Thursday the 17th? I am still trying to figure out what it is for.

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