5 thoughts on “Your Sponsored Search History”

  1. Ahh! 1984, Big Brother strikes again. Just how do we determine ethics at this point? I can see how a lot of good can come out of this (techinically), but all this tracking is starting to freak me out a bit.

  2. I can’t see how someone who opens their own personal search area will click on sponsored adverts.

    Surely is you are savvy enough to sign up to a personalised homepage; then click on you search history you are hardly likely to click on sponsored adverts; rather navigate to the product you require.

    These adverts will only work, in my view, on a CPM basis are part of a branding exercise.


  3. Yep, I agree. Sponsored adverts wouldn’t be the first thing I’d consider… but that’s just me as a biast consumer who cringes at the mere sight of “sponsored ad.” However, I think Google’s promoting this as another free end-user feature — part of their personalized search feature — when it’s probably utilizing it more as another form of metrics. Again, this is a lot personal data being stored.

  4. I suppose its only fair that Google will caputure the information but I agree an opt out function is something they could possibly add to make the system more acceptable.

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