Another social site with web 2.0 goodness? Yes. Fanpop may standout, however, by picking the best qualities from a number of leading social sites and bringing them together in a neat integration. As they say, "We're a little bit of Digg, MySpace, Yahoo! Groups, and Yelp all mixed…

Picture 2-18Another social site with web 2.0 goodness? Yes. Fanpop may standout, however, by picking the best qualities from a number of leading social sites and bringing them together in a neat integration. As they say, “We’re a little bit of Digg, MySpace, Yahoo! Groups, and Yelp all mixed into one.”

Users can create topical federations on just about anything, giving it a resemblance to Tribe’s flexibility. With 24 broad ‘channels’, Fanpop leaves room for communities to cluster around a long tail of interests. In the Fanpop spots, users can add links to relevant websites or news links, like Delicious. But in addition, submitted websites gain momentum from user voting— giving Fanpop the interactive push of Digg and Reddit.

For search fans, there’s the built-in “more on the web” option of out-bound searches keyword tied to the Fanpop title page you’re on, to Google, Delicious, Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon, Flickr, YouTube—probably a list that will grow.

Fanpop also offers forums— which delicious lacks, and presents them in a more central way than Digg. It also has an internal messaging system — a feature not offered on Digg and in a more developed version than in Delicious or MySpace.

Rewarding the active members is key for maintaining a loyal membership base, and Fanpop looks like it’s learned that lesson. Fanpop rewards the most active members as “top fans” on the mainpage. It also features fans in a permanent way, versus the epherma of Digg, building communities more like MySpace, Tribe or Facebook. The main page also highlights recently updated pages, and displays a recurrently refreshed flip through existing fan bases.

What is this missing? Music and video, which are doing well on Digg and MySpace.

There are many social sites out there, too much to all survive, but aggregating the best features from specialized social sites may help this start-up rise to face the the largest player(s).

Fanpop brings together features I don’t remember having seen aggregated elsewhere: If anyone has seen this all before—please let me know—because I’d be interested in comparing. (And yes, there is a Search Engines spot.)

10 thoughts on “Fanpop!”

  1. MindSay brings together many of the same features as Fanpop – blogging, social networking, tagging, and wikis that are linked to the interests users list in their profiles (so if I list “Coldplay” in my profile, it links to a Coldplay wiki page where I can add content and see other members who like Coldplay and discuss the band in the comment area). We also just introduced our “Top Blogs” feature which allows users to vote for their favorite blogs. The one piece we don’t currently have is the social bookmarking. We’ve been around since ’04 and have around 130,000 members.

  2. I’m not sure if I get the Yelp comparsions. Seems more like a group squidoo – which seems like a good call, as the lenses or spots shouldn’t die on the vine as much with multiple people as contributors. However, group generated spots make it harder to execute revenue sharing.

  3. Boxxet is not the same as fanpop, but it is subject-focused. We are in private beta for a little while longer, but will open for business soon. Drop me a line if you want to know more.

  4. It is a good site. But there is one more point that bears discussing.

    For some reason it gives off really good vibes, it appears that the users are friendly and postive spirited and mature.

    It does not appear to track the ‘chip on your shoulder’ or immature types that some of these site appeal to.

    And the subjects interests are varied enough to make it versatile. Also, the look is less clutered than most sites, making it easy to navigate and fast loading. ☺

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